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Gala Honorees  Mary Anne Fitch and Nam Le Viet

Maui Preparatory Academy
2018 Winter Gala Honorees:
Mary Anne Fitch and Nam Le Viet
(Speech and presentation by RayChin.com)

Good evening everyone, my name is Ray Chin. I am a Trustee for Maui Prep and the
father of two Maui Prep students (Class of 2020 and 2023). Thank you for supporting
our school.

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce to you my dear friends and mentors, the
honorees of this year’s Winter Gala Event: Mary Anne Fitch and Nam Le Viet. We are
thrilled to be honoring one of the most successful and generous couples in the Hawaiian

“To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected”

This was the very message that Mary Anne shared with me when I first started my real
estate career but this advice was not about business. She was referring to the way in
which one lives their life as a member of a community. Mary Anne and Nam embrace
this philosophy daily.

Mary Anne was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated from Boston
College and leveraged her business degree to create a successful sales career within
the technology industry, primarily with Digital Equipment Corporation.

Nam was born in France and raised in Switzerland and coincidentally was a technical
account executive for Digital Equipment Corporation in Geneva and other tech

Mary Anne moved to Maui in 1988 and ultimately embarked on a prosperous real estate
career. On a holiday trip to Maui in 2000, Nam met Mary Anne (at Lahaina Grill no
less!), fell in love and married in 2003. This union has been fruitful for them and our

As a real estate team, they have over 45 years combined of Hawaii real estate
experience. Their body of work has resulted in over $700M in gross sales by closing
close to 500 escrow transactions!

Embracing West Maui, they have become a staple of our community. As avid
supporters of our local businesses, it is almost guaranteed that you will see Mary Anne
and Nam dining at Sale Pepe on Mondays, bar side at Lahaina Grill on Fridays, and at
Honu, Roy’s or Japengo many other nights in between!

As a couple, their personalities and skills complement each other in a productive &
passionate manner.

“Still waters run deep”; this perfectly describes Nam. He embraces a logical approach to
all corners of life. He values analysis and detail, and he unemotionally describes his role
as “a person that solves problems.” However, he is more than an engineer. He is a
classically trained pianist and an avid reader. This may also explain why he embraces
and supports the arts.

Mary Anne possesses a world class business acumen in which she passionately and
aggressively achieves her clients’ goals. She loves getting to know people and
understanding the interconnectivity of people within the community. This is the
cornerstone of her success because, as she once explained, at any given moment, this
knowledge could help somebody.

There is no delineation between their personal and professional lives. Their passions of
supporting their clients and community routinely intersect. They assume a consultative
approach when serving their clients. Mary Anne and Nam do not simply help their
clients buy a home… rather, they help them find a Life in Paradise. And often that Life
requires an educational component. They tirelessly find opportunities in their business
life for their passions to benefit one another.

Some of the beneficiaries of their philanthropic overtures include Arts Education for
Children Group, Maui Memorial Hospital, the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, Maui Arts
League and Women Helping Women. And of course, there is MAUI PREP….

There are two major initiatives that have made a significant difference in the growth of
our school.

  • The first is the Pueo Pilot Program. A Pueo Pilot DONOR sponsors a single
    student for his or her 4-year high school career. What is equally amazing is
    that through this application process, it also identifies and rewards several
    recipients for general financial aid. This program has increased enrollment
    and enhanced the academic quality of our student body.
  • The second initiative is the Alliance to Improve Maui, known as AIM. This is a
    real estate-based program through which realtors donate portions of their
    commissions in the name of their clients at the close of escrow. Some of
    these donations have resulted in clients personally matching or exceeding
    these donations. Since its inception, the AIM program has raised over $1M in
    donations to Maui Prep.

Maui Prep is incredibly fortunate to be the beneficiary of the talents and generosity of
our Honorees.

  • Nam is a Foundation Board Member. He was instrumental in setting up the school’s
    initial IT / MIS infrastructure and he spearheaded educational projects that taught
    students project management skills.
  • Mary Anne has been a board member since the beginning. She is currently a
    member of the finance committee and she has recruited corporate and personal
    sponsors for the Pueo Pilot program, including a sponsorship by Cheeseburger in
  • Together, Mary Anne and Nam were one of 10 families that personally guaranteed
    the construction loan that started the school in 2005.
  • They have sponsored and coordinated numerous real estate events in which is Maui
    Prep was the beneficiary.
  • In addition to all this, they are founding members of AIM and have been strong and consistent
    financial contributors of our annual Maui Prep Fund.
  • Finally, their personal donations to Maui Prep have exceeded well over

In asking what they most wanted to share with this audience, Mary Anne and Nam said
they wanted to encourage and challenge all of you to participate in the exhilarating
experience of giving back to our community. Mary Anne has said on several occasions,
the reward and pleasure from their work with Maui Prep is beyond words, and that
generosity is a two-way street. They have received as much as they have given.

What drives this commitment to Maui Prep? Mary Anne told me that she was one of 5
children. Her grandfather, who never attended college, but had a high regard for
education, provided financial assistance to her family which allowed all five children to
attend private schools. She said, if not for her grandfather, her life would be very

Ladies and gentlemen, the “apple does not fall far from the tree”. Mary Anne and Nam
do not have children, but they regard the West Maui community as their family.
To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected.

Ladies and gentlemen, for their passion and generosity, it is my pleasure to introduce to
you our 2018 Maui Prep Winter Gala Honorees……Mary Anne Fitch and Nam Le Viet.