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On April 15, 2017, five Maui Prep students traveled to Oahu to compete in the National History Day Hawai’i State Competition. This year’s theme was “Taking A Stand in History,” and the school’s projects included two performances and an essay – all about women who challenged inequality and injustice.

Top: Cassidy Howeth & Eva Karenova Bottom:

Top: Kassidy Howeth & Eva Karaneva-Simpson
Bottom: Christina Guerrini & Vittoria Barone

Chloe Chin (’20, not pictured) wrote about Ruby Bridge’s role in American desegregation of public schools; Eva-Maria Karaneva-Simpson (’20) and Kassidy Howeth (’20) performed an original piece about the life of suffragist and abolitionist Susan B. Anthony; and Christina Guerrini (’19) and Vittoria Barone (’18) performed their original work about Annie Besant’s activism for women’s rights, birth control, religious freedom, and rights of children.

The performances won awards for their quality research using primary sources (Karaneva/Howeth) and research and interpretation of intellectual and cultural history (Guerrini/Barone). The theme for next year is “Tragedy and Triumph”.