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Video premiere party on 1/10/13

The Video Journalism class has reached a monumental milestone. For the first time in Maui Prep history, the Video Journalism class has created a video that aired on PBS Hawaii on January 10th!   The students are members of a statewide program sponsored by PBS Hawaii called HIKI NO.  (Hawaiian for “can do”)  The program airs on Thursdays on PBS Hawaii and it is the nation’s first fully student-created, shot,edited and produced news program.

Throughout the first trimester, the students in the course underwent a rigorous process of pitching ideas to a professional producer assigned to us by PBS Hawaii.  They learned three different fields a once; writing scripts, and learning about filming and editing techniques.  Students also learned the tough but crucial process of getting scripts and shoots approved (or rejected), and also trying to meet strict deadlines.  They eventually had to go through four different written scripts as well as three videos rough drafts before finally obtaining final approval by PBS Hawaii.

The students created a short film on the benefits of weightlifting as their first piece for PBS Hawaii.  Due to the overwhelming success and positive reception from their piece, PBS Hawaii invited Maui Prep students to create a longer piece for an upcoming HIKI NO episode in April.

So excited and eager for more opportunities were the students that they have created a new club for the school.  We now have an official Video Journalism club where students can enter into various contests and film festivals even if they are no longer in the class.   The club is run by returning students from the first trimester and is open to any student who has successfully completed the course.

Without further due, here is their masterpiece:






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