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M - F: 7:30am - 3:30pm

BOT member, Mary Anne Fitch and Foundation Board member, Nam Le Viet.

The Board of Trustees of Maui Prep is comprised of a group of outstanding volunteers who work tirelessly to support our school. Every trustee believes deeply in the importance of the school to our families and our community, and their unwavering dedication to Maui Prep is truly commendable.

The Board of Trustees acts as one body, not as individual trustees. Following are some of the practices that guide the work of the board. They are based on the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Principles of Good Practice for Boards:

  1. Adopting a clear statement of the school’s mission, vision and strategic goals, and establishing policies and plans consistent with the mission.
  2. Ensuring that the school and the board operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including the adoption of a conflict-of-interest policy.
  3. Accepting accountability for the financial stability and the financial future of the school, including strategic financial planning, overseeing operating budgets, setting tuition, setting salaries and benefits, establishing annual audits and participating actively in fund raising.
  4. Selecting, supporting, nurturing, evaluating and setting appropriate compensation for the head of school.
  5. Recognizing that its primary work and focus are long-range and strategic.
  6. Undertaking formal strategic planning on a periodic basis, setting annual goals related to the plan, and conducting annual written evaluations for the school, the head, and the board itself.
  7. Keeping full and accurate records of meetings, committees and policies and communicating its decisions widely while keeping its deliberations confidential.
  8. Establishing board composition that reflects the strategic expertise, resources and perspectives (past, present and future) needed to achieve the mission and strategic objectives of the school.
  9. With the head of school, cultivating and maintaining good relations with school constituents as well as the broader community.

The Board of Trustees has a number of active committees that meet as often as necessary in order to engage in the work of the Board. Those Committees are Buildings & Grounds, Development, Finance, Governance, Major Gifts, and Marketing & Communications. Occasionally an ad hoc committee will be formed to address a short term issue – e.g. Strategic Plan Committee, etc. The President of the Board and the Head of School are members of every Committee and members of the Administrative Team staff the committees. Parents and community leaders who are not trustees also serve on Board committees.

The Board of Trustees does not handle the day-to-day management of the school. That is the responsibility of the Head of School and his Administrative Team.

Members of the Board of Trustees
Kari Adams
Chuck Bergson
Raymond S.F. Chin
Jim Falk
Mary Anne Fitch
Lisa Gibson
Brian Graham
Dana Howeth
Sherrie Narayan
Dean Otto
Ma’Ann Sabino
Amy Wisthoff-Martin

Foundation Board Members
Corie Bluh
Janis Casco
Dr. Norm Estin
Warren Gibson
Nam Le Viet
Michelle Otto
Roy Sakamoto
Scott Shoemaker

Former Board of Trustee Presidents
Kim Carpenter
Tom DiNoto
Tom Rosenquist
Tom Bell
Scott Shoemaker
Dean Otto-Current President