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Drs. David and Kari Adams
Primary Care Physicians, Doctors on Call

When you walk on the campus, you feel immediately at home.  There is a very loving, nurturing feeling that all the staff and teachers exude. The students themselves are also very respectful and kind and act as great role models for the younger kids.  We love that our Preschool student gets to see what the older kids are doing.

We feel her experience at Maui Prep has boosted her self esteem in ways that we could not.  Her teachers have provided the loving, safe, respectful environment that every child deserves to become the best that they can be.  Each child is seen as an individual and their strengths and weaknesses are nurtured in such a way, that they feel comfortable with themselves and how they fit in with the group.


Hawaii State Senator Roz Baker

Maui Preparatory Academy is truly an asset to our West Maui community and plays an important role in the education of our youth and in the life of our community.


Jim Falk
Owner, Valley Isle Motors

Maui Prep is a small, tightly-knit educational community where we can really share the educational experience with our children.

Maui Prep is a true, college preparatory academy staffed with top-credentialed educators and administrative personnel.  We are excited about this wonderful academic opportunity for our children, right in our neighborhood on Maui’s West side, and feel confident that in the coming years the school’s alumni will be attending the best universities in the country.

I think that the school really excels in providing the children with the confidence that they need to take on the challenges that lay ahead for them.


George Mackin
Owner, Tennis Magazine

Maui Prep simply has everything a parent and child want from a school, and none of those things so many of us dread. When I used to take my son to the last school he attended, where we lived in west Los Angeles, he just hated going to school every single day and it was painful, on so many levels, to drop him off each morning. From the guilt of leaving him at a place that he just did not want to go, to the overcrowded class sizes, the insensitive kids and sometimes teachers, and even the safety and cleanliness of the school environment, it was always a very bad way for all of us to start the day. In fact, each day when he got out of the car and I watched him go through the front gate, with kids running, screaming and pushing others around him, he would turn to look back at me before disappearing inside… and it just broke my heart… every single day.  Maui Prep is exactly the opposite of all those things I just mentioned. My son can hardly wait to go to school each day, the class sizes are small, the kids are genuinely nice, well behaved and orderly, the teachers are caring, gifted and nurturing, and the environment is not only clean, but spectacular…so now, instead of drop off being the worst part of our day, it is the best…


Jurg Munch
Restaurateur & Owner, Lahaina Grill

Maui Prep has impressed us time and time again with the unique way that they look at each child as an individual. Jolene comes home every day with tales of the creative ways that she is learning. We are pleased with the way that her teachers have worked with her strengths to take her to a new level while developing her weaknesses and areas which she needs more attention.


John Severson
Founder, Surfer Magazine & Artist, Maui Prep Grandparent

Maui Prep offers an exciting and well-balanced path to college, while making the experience an everyday pleasure.

Maui Prep fits our needs with its spiritual diversity and openness.  The surroundings make the experience even richer.  The faculty is extremely competent and the environment stunning; the students, enthusiastic.

The curriculum is rich beyond our expectations, with the arts well integrated.  It’s an educational experience that parents (and grandparents) dream about.