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Director of Technology, Branden Hazlet

Maui Prep offers a full range of technology, art and music courses to supplement standard academic offerings at every grade level, from PK-12.

Maui Prep offers a developmentally age appropriate program geared to the unique realities of today’s students in all domains – cognitive, emotional, social, moral and ethical, and physical. We celebrate the fact that we are a unique entity within the educational landscape of West Maui, preparing students for college and life beyond. Our unique blending of academic rigor; stress on character development; commitment to visual art, music, and drama; integration of technology; fostering sound physical development; commitment to appreciating and serving others; and the work to create sustainability here on Maui gives our students a balanced approach to accepting responsibility for their education.

The Maui Prep program of study encompasses the full range of a structured learning environment from the Early Childhood (Preschool, K and 1st Grade), Lower (Grades 2–5), Middle (Grades 6–8), to Upper School (Grades 9–12). Along with the core curriculum of English, History, Math, Science, Language Arts, and Health/Physical Education, students are exposed to Art, Music, Drama, Technology, and other enrichment opportunities offered throughout the year.

We encourage you to explore our web pages for Preschool, Lower School, Middle School and High School to find out more specific details about our curriculum.