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Maui Prep Graduating Class of 2015

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Maui Prep’s college counseling program encourages students to explore the opportunities for higher education that will best meet their personal and unique life goals. Under the guidance of an experienced college counselor, Maui Prep students identify personal talents and interests, and discover a range of colleges that match and engage those interests. Through this process, students gain important skills in self-reflection, critical thinking, communication and decision-making. Click here for our new college counseling brochure.

An individualized program of college counseling begins in the sophomore year through a trimester course called College Explorations. In the junior year, students and parents attend informational meetings in the fall regarding the importance of individual reflection and openness to exploring college options, as well as the necessary steps and procedures in the college admission process. In January, a formal College Evening event features guest speakers and discussion groups for both students and parents. During the spring, juniors meet with the college counselor in individual or small group settings to gain knowledge and tools for the college search process. One-on-one appointments with the college counselor build the foundation for a strong advisory relationship that continues through senior year. As students finalize and submit college applications, the college counselor prepares and sends supportive materials including a comprehensive school report and counselor recommendations. Our expectation is that all Maui Prep graduates enroll in selective colleges and universities across the country and around the world.

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Maui Prep’s SAT scores
Everyone always remembers their experience taking the SAT; chances are it wasn’t fun!  The three hours and forty minutes of testing is often a necessary psychological hazing in order to become a member of many top colleges and universities.  After finishing the test, teenagers often experience an anxious period of anticipation and excitement for the arrival of their score report.  Similarly, Maui Prep administrators get excited for the end of the year data to be released.  A SAT study class is made available to the students and Maui Preparatory Academy students continue to strive to achieve competitive scores.