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Chemistry 'speed daters'

‘Speed Daters’

Maui Preparatory Academy’s iSci (Integrated Science) students recently spent some time researching a chemist and ‘became’ that chemist through costume and character. Then through a ‘speed dating’ type format they had four minutes to see if they connected with each of the other chemists.

The students portrayed early thinkers like Aristotle, alchemists of the 1500’s, and crazy-haired Russians (Dmitri Mendeleev). Female scientist, Marie Currie, who forged ahead in a highly male dominated field of study was also in the speed dating pool. Each student was a scientist who contributed to the Atomic Theory covered in the course.

Getting to know one another, chemically speaking.

Getting to know one another, chemically speaking.

The 9th and 10th grade students showed particular interest in this ‘speed dating’ activity and many created or brought in props to enhance the conversation. Students seemed to enjoy talking about themselves, even when they weren’t themselves, and they definitely enjoyed working on their ‘chemistry’ this class. But parents, don’t worry, the only numbers exchanged after this ‘speed dating’ were Atomic…

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