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Lori Fleuter brings over 20 years of teaching experience to Maui Prep. She’s had the pleasure of teaching everything from pre-school to 8th grade in both traditional and innovative settings. Growing up in the greater Los Angeles area, with her high school class of over 1200 students, Maui Prep is a dream come true for Lori. She is a firm believer in the authentic sense of ‘Ohana that develops from smaller class sizes and a campus where all the students interact and are able to help each other.

Lori did her undergraduate work in psychology at California State University, Northridge and Uppsala Universitet, Uppsala Sweden. Her graduate work at California State University, Hayward earned her a multiple -subject teaching credential with an additional math certification.

Lori was honored with a Disney Teacher of the Year nomination and, on two occasions, she was the recipient of a study-tour award from the Northwest Council for Teaching About Asia. The latter allowed her to travel and participate in service learning projects in China, Japan and Korea where she learned first-hand about education in other cultures.

She is passionate about providing a learning environment that guides and encourages all students to develop independence and fulfill their academic potential. She enjoys creating pragmatic lessons that integrate multiple subjects, learning styles and intelligences. Her classroom and life philosophy are based on the Hawaiian principles of ‘ike, kuleana, and malama (knowledge, responsibility and respect).

Always looking for new experiences and life lessons, Lori and her husband spend their summers traveling around the mainland in in a camper, often hosting in campgrounds. Her greatest joy in life has been the raising of her two sons. When she isn’t in the classroom Lori might be seen around west Maui on her daily run or splashing at the beach. Most of the rest of her time is spent devouring books of any kind.


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