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Lindsey Hunt grew up in the Austin, Texas, a place where being unique, creative, and environmentally friendly is celebrated. She received her teaching degree at Texas A&M University where school spirit and tradition is a way of life, in a very similar way that the Aloha Spirit composes the Hawaiian culture.

Instead of going straight into teaching after graduation she spent some time working in the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia working with school groups as an Outdoor Educator. While there, Lindsey taught kids of the age 9 to 90, skills in the great outdoors such as canoeing, rock climbing, archery, teamwork, and night awareness to name just a few.

Lindsey’s passion for physical education is what influenced her to go into the field of physical education so that she could spread the joy of movement with others. Her hobbies reflect on the desire to live an active life and as well as the need for adventure as she loves distance running (the more miles the better!), volleyball, backpacking, white water rafting, and caving. If she is not having fun in the sun then more than likely you will find her making a big mess in the kitchen, cooking and baking up a storm.


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