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Scott joins the faculty at Maui Prep as an English and history teacher. Scott grew up in West Virginia and took his first flight when he stepped onto a plane to travel Shanghai. For as long as he can remember, he has always had a curiosity to learn. He holds a BA in English from Marshall University, which includes extensive study in music, and a masters from the University of Chicago in humanities. For the last nine years, he has taught IB theory of knowledge in Houston, Texas. Courses he has taught include geography, music, history, and English for non-native speakers.  His primary focus, however, has been on literature and composition, and interdisciplinary thinking.

Scott has been deeply involved in student travel. He has led grade-level trips to Big Bend National Park, and service learning trips to Tanzania.  Additionally, he has spent his summers working abroad. He spent three summers teaching English to non-native speakers in Geneva, Switzerland. The last two summers for Scott have been spent working as an administrator for Oxbridge Academic Programs, first at Barnard College, then Columbia in New York, and more recently at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, UK.

In terms of content, he believes students should read literature from their own time, that they must understand the recurring questions about the human experience and apply them, in their own ways, to the shifting landscapes of the twenty-first century. His students will seek out those questions in contemporary texts, but also in ancient and canonical texts.

Scott spends a lot of time thinking about learning, reading, and teaching, but his other passions include yoga, cooking, travel, and music.  He hopes to add surfing to that list soon and to brush the dust off of his SCUBA certification. Whenever possible, he tries to spend summers somewhere that isn’t “home.”