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Maui Prep students "living on the edge" during a past interim trip studying volcanoes on the Big Island.

Every March, middle and upper school students take a break from their regular class schedule and sign up for special week long courses conducted by Maui Prep faculty and community members.  Students have always had a variety of options made available to them, and this year’s Interim Week is no exception.  The Class of 2011 will be spending a week on the north shore of Kauai as they prepare for their final months of high school.  Other students can participate in a variety of interim events including a college tour of Boston and New York, a college tour of southern California, a scuba certification class through Lahaina Divers, a week of yoga and dance at various locales on Maui, a wilderness trip to the backwoods of Molokai, a Hawaiian cultural studies class at historically significant locations on Maui, and a robotics class.  This year, Maui Prep will also be pioneering an independent internship program in which students can partner with a local business or organization to learn the ins and outs of that particular field.  The independent internship program is being offered as part of Maui Prep’s “Schools Of The Future” grant through Hawaii Community Foundation.

This is Maui Prep’s sixth year running the interim program; it continues to challenge and spark new interests with our students every year.  It is a definite highlight in a student’s Maui Prep experience.

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