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Teacher and coach, Mr. Hazlet, with 8th grade team members, Ben and Teanu.

Teacher and coach, Mr. Hazlet, with 8th-grade team members, Ben and Teanu.

The iPueo Robotics Team had an intense and awesome season running their 6 robots through hundreds of matches at 8 different tournaments across the Hawaiian Islands.

In the Maui County league, the team took 6 of the top 10 rankings, including 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th, across middle and elementary school rankings. The team earned scores to qualify 4 robots to go to the State Championships and 3 robots to go to the National Championships. At states, with 82 robots competing, the iPueo had 4 finishes in the top 10 for robot operations and programming.

Nationals are in April 2017, and they are working toward placing two robots in the top 20 rankings for the country.

Some of the 2017 iPueo Robotics Team.

Some of the 2017 iPueo Robotics Team.

Being part of the iPueo Robotics Team is an amazing way for students to grow in a wide variety of ways — participating in robotics takes creative thinking mixed with analytic thinking, cooperative teamwork mixed with competitive sportsmanship, focused quiet work mixed with fast thinking at loud and energetic tournaments.

Students develop their ability to work through complex mental puzzles in designing, programming or troubleshooting their robots, but they also a lot of hands-on work through the engineering cycle of building, testing and rebuilding robots. Robotics is so much more than people understand, the creativity, craftsmanship, strategic planning and communications skills are all used in balance with the tremendous fun and motivation working with robotics teams from across the state, nation, and world to challenge ourselves to do our best.

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Team Captain: 
Jerone Samari
Robot Operators, Engineers, and Programmers:
Eli Hazlet (2)
Tenzin Chogyal (4)
Renner Chumley (4)
Luna Partridge (5)
Bishop Worth (5)
Lukka Boote (5)
Andrew Nguyen  (6)
Dylan Falk  (7)
Jimmy Falk (7)
Caleb Chumley (7)
Benett Bluh (7)
Jacob Jerome (7)
Teanu Rodriguez-Furtado (8)
Ben Zeigler (8)
Levi Tinkler (8)
Brady Golden (8)
Andrew Singh (8)