January 2011

Holocaust Survivor Michael Resmo Brings Message of Tolerance to Maui Prep

January 28, 2011

The Maui Prep community had the wonderful privilege of hosting Mr. Michael Resmo, a survivor of the Holocaust, on campus today.  Mr. Resmo addressed the middle and upper school students and faculty as well as numerous people from the community.  The presentation started off with a video interview of Mr. Resmo produced for the Tolerance [...]

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MIL Championship Weekend!

January 27, 2011

The Maui Prep Pueo Swim and Paddling teams will be competing in their final MIL competitions this weekend. MIL Championships also means Senior Day for all of our senior student-athletes, it is sure to be an exciting and colorful affair for everyone involved. The Pueo Swim team will be competing at the Kihei Aquatic Center [...]

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Maui Preparatory Science Olympiad Team to Compete This Weekend!

January 25, 2011

Maui Prep’s Science Olympiad team will be competing at Maui College on Saturday, January 29th in the regionals competition. The regional team will be challenging a number of Maui schools for a chance to compete at the State tournament on Oahu in March.  Last year, Maui Prep’s team was able to win first at both [...]

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Come and Meet Banker!

January 21, 2011

Please meet my horse Banker.  Banker will be one of the horses giving rides at Maui Prep’s Paniolo Night this Saturday beginning at 4pm.  This will be Bankers 5th year at Maui Prep’s Paniolo Night.  Banker is a 20 year old American Quarter Horse. If you have ever watched a rodeo, most likely the horses [...]

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Maui Prep Open House

January 18, 2011

Come to our Open House on Thursday, January 20, any time between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. Our Maui Prep student tour guides will be running tours every few minutes. This is the perfect opportunity for you to see for yourself what makes Maui Prep so unique. Everyone is welcome and if you have any questions please [...]

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Kindergarten makes some new winged friends!

January 12, 2011

 On January 10, 2010, the Maui Prep Kindergarten hiked the beautiful trails of the Kapalua Village Course in search of Monarch friends. We have been learning about metamorphosis in class and this field trip brought the process to life, as we were able to observe each phase in action. The children were wildly excited about [...]

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The Incredible Change in Pedagogy

January 11, 2011

There has been a dramatic shift in educational pedagogy over the past two years as educational leaders engage their faculties in focusing instruction on the development of 21st Century Skills. The shift is due to an awareness that students today: 1) learn in different ways; 2) are “digital natives” exposed to modern technology from a [...]

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Interim Week Offerings Looking Good

January 6, 2011

Every March, middle and upper school students take a break from their regular class schedule and sign up for special week long courses conducted by Maui Prep faculty and community members.  Students have always had a variety of options made available to them, and this year’s Interim Week is no exception.  The Class of 2011 [...]

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