An Out of this World Pair: Kindergarten and 5th grade

by Cathi Minami, Director of Admissions & Development on March 5, 2012

Solar System 1

Mapping out the solar system at Shoemaker Field.

Over the last few weeks, the 5th grade has been exploring what exists beyond our planet, Earth.  Each student has become an expert on a different planet in our solar system and is preparing for their presentations at the Learning Fair, where they will be “selling” their planets to our guests.  This week, the 5th grade class participated in two exciting events.  First, the 5th grade went up to the Shoemaker Field, where, with help from their Kindergarten buddies, they mapped and measured a scale model of the solar system.  Then, their Kindergarten buddies went on a guided tour of outer space where each 5th grader shared interesting facts about the planet they had researched.  On 3/1/12, the 5th grade class took a field trip to Jim Falk Motors, where they received advice from experts in sales.  Mr. Falk and his wonderful team took us on a tour of his dealerships, gave us insightful sales tips, and helped us put together a radio ad selling Mars.  Lastly, we went over to see Mr. Bergson at Pacific Radio Group, where the students got to record their radio ad!  Listen to our Maui Prep Solar System Sale radio ad here.  A big mahalo to everyone at Jim Falk Motors and Pacific Radio Group for a fun and educational day.  As one student remarked on our way home, “This was the best field trip EVER!”

Jim Falk Motors of Maui

The 5th grade poses with Jim Falk. He hosted an incredible day at his car dealership in Kahului.

Upcoming events:

  • The Kindergarten and 5th grade classes will work together to create solar ovens.   When the sun comes out again, we will be baking “alien” pizzas, as we learn how solar energy works!
  • We will be rescheduling our star gazing night with Mr. Border and the Upper School astronomy students.  It was originally canceled due to inclement weather.
  • The two classes will be recording an Interplanet Janet music video!
  • Also, come check out the culmination of this amazing unit and the 5th grade sales presentations at the Learning Fair on March 26th.

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