The Life and Times of 2029

by Tamika Smiley, Kindergarten on January 29, 2017

Ryder suiting up to fight fires.

Ryder suiting up to fight fires.

We (Maui Prep Kindergarten Class of 2029) have had various learning experiences this school year to help us gain an understanding of the possible professions that are available on Maui.

We began by having a visitor from the Hawai`i Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers come to our classroom, who introduced us to the different types of engineers and brought us a fun activity to demonstrate what some engineers do (kindergarten-style that is). Next, we took a field trip to Lahaina’s Sale Pepe Restaurant to learn what it means to be both a Head Chef and Restauranteur. We all agreed that it was a very delicious and informative field trip. To introduce us to the expressive side to learning, a Concert Maestro came into our classroom and showed us how to play the violin. Some of us had never heard classical music before his visit; it sounded beautiful.

Ellie practicing to be a virtuoso.

Ellie practicing to be a virtuoso.

We then had a visit from a Police Officer from the Maui Police Department, to help us learn about the duties of an officer and safety guidelines for home and in the neighborhood. After this, we took a walking field trip to the Napili Fire Station practice fire and rescue skills. We all voted that spraying the fire hose was the best part of our field trip. Our next field trip was to the impressive Honua Kai Resort and Spa where we shadowed the General Manager, practiced the duties of various other on-site professions, and ate some of the yummy food created in the Duke Restaurant kitchen at the completion of the resort/restaurant tour.

Our learning continued when a Realtor came to visit our class, taught us what they do, and shared an activity that supported us in learning our home addresses. We then had Maui Prep’s Artist in Residence come to our classroom to teach us about the creative world of being an artist. Our latest classroom visitor was from a doctor and nurse who brought first-aid and health related tools to provide us with engaging hands-on experiences of the health care profession.

Future chefs.

Future chefs!

Our kindergarten class plans to display the knowledge we have acquired during our learning experiences during next month’s Maui Prep Learning Fair. We hope you join us!

The Kindergarten Class of 2029

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