Donald S. Burns Pueo Pilot Scholarship Recipient Aiesha Pradhan

by Stephanie Kirkham, Communications on October 1, 2017

First day of school at Maui Prep!

First day of school at Maui Prep!

For the past several years a group of donors, the Pueo Pilots, have come together to offer a deserving student not attending Maui Prep a four-year, full-tuition scholarship.  The recipient of this award must demonstrate leadership potential in academics and a desire to make a positive impact in other areas of the school including fine and performing arts, community service, athletics and student government.

Each year the pool of recipients increases and nearly every student interviewed demonstrates each of these characteristics, thus making the decision of the Pueo Pilot committee a difficult one. One exciting result out of this year’s Pueo Pilot application process was that many of the applicants continued with enrollment into Maui Prep and are now students at the school. The school is looking forward to seeing the positive impact each of these students will have on and off campus.

The 2017-2018 Donald S. Burns Pueo Pilot Scholarship went to a very deserving Aiesha Pradhan, who is a part of the class of 2021. Both of Aiesha’s parents are from Nepal and although Aiesha was born in Maui, she has had opportunities to visit Nepal several times, which allowed her to learn to speak the native language called Nepali and to expose her to Nepalese culture and religion. In addition, she also speaks fluent Hindi and Newari (one of the Nepalese dialects). Currently, she is taking Spanish at Maui Prep.

Aiesha is very outgoing and loves to play sports. She has participated in ballet, soccer, tennis, and swimming until she found her passion playing volleyball during her middle school years. She played for three years and their team won several games and championship titles. While playing sports, she maintained her 4.0 GPA with honors classes throughout her middle school years. She had even scored perfectly in math on the Hawaii Standard Math test, which the school has not seen in decades. She received many commendations such as a President’s Award, Student of the Year, and Ali’i of the Quarter. Furthermore, because of her excellence in academics and leadership qualities, several teachers nominated her to be a part of a leadership program along with several other students from around the country held in Washington D.C.

Aiesha feels very grateful that she is a recipient of Pueo Pilots Scholarship. “I want to be a part of such reputed institution whose core values match my beliefs. I think it is important to give back to the community because it has done so much for us. I feel that it is important to strive for excellence, and always try to do better,” said Aiesha.

Aiesha’s long-term goal is to become a doctor, she would like to dedicate her life healing less fortunate people who are need of dire medical help.

“We had an extremely talented pool of Pueo Pilot applicants, ultimately Aiesha rose to the top due to her potential in leadership of academics, athletics and community service. We are excited to have such an outstanding student come to us from Lahaina Intermediate School,” stated Principal Ryan Kirkham.

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