Middle School

As the bridge between the Lower School and the Upper School, Maui Prep’s Middle School aims to provide students with a nurturing environment that challenges them to develop independence of thought, habit and mind. The approach to teaching and learning at this level changes gradually as students are awarded more freedom and responsibility at each grade level.

Middle School Course of Study
Subject Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
ENGLISH English 6 English 7 English 8
Japanese Japanese
MATHEMATICS General Math Pre-Algebra or
Algebra 1 (Special

Intro to Algebra/
Algebra 1
(Geometry by Special Permission)

World Cultures/
Ancient Civilizations American History
SCIENCE Earth Science Life Science Physical Science
Visual Arts
Other Electives TBD
COMMUNITY SERVICE – 10 Hours Minimum

*The middle school program of study may be taught out of sequence pending enrollment in each grade level.

Download our  Middle School Curriculum for a detailed description of course objectives.

The academic program in the Middle School offers a broad base of courses that challenge students intellectually, artistically and athletically. In 6th grade, students participate in foundational courses in English, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. Sixth graders also participate in a year-long study skills course entitled “Transitions.” This course challenges students to identify and work on their areas for improvement as thinkers and learners and equips them with the skills to become confident and competent students at Maui Prep. As students progress into the 7th and 8th grades, they continue with sequential courses in English, Science and Social Studies, and they begin to follow a Mathematics and Foreign Language path that meets their individual interests and ability levels.

Middle School Students in Collaboration

These core subjects are augmented by elective courses in fine arts, technology, drama, music, band, physical education and health. Each course is designed to provide students with differentiated learning opportunities intended to challenge them throughout their time in middle school. With a low teacher to student ratio, teachers closely monitor the progress of each student and create individualized projects and challenges as necessary. In addition to the classroom teachers, student progress is monitored by the student’s advisor, the Academic Dean and the Middle School Principal. Parents can track the progress of their child through Teacherease, Maui Prep’s web-based grade and homework center. Since communication serves as a cornerstone in the success of middle school aged children, the contact loop between school, student and home remains tight throughout their time in the program.

Students Working in our authentic Hawaiian Hale

In addition to the academic curriculum, the Middle School encourages students to explore extra curricular athletics, community service opportunities, clubs, student government and other after-school programs to enrich their lives and engage them with peers island wide. Overall, the Middle School program at Maui Prep endeavors to expand each student’s knowledge of the subject studied and to develop the prerequisite skills necessary for success in the Upper School, while encouraging them to become caring, compassionate and engaged individuals