Heather Baylosis, Kindergarten

Heather Baylosis, Kindergarten Teacher

Heather Baylosis

Kindergarten teacher Heather Baylosis is committed to the positive, progressive environment that supports hands-on learning. With her creative spirit, she brings to Maui Prep an innovative approach to teaching—using dance and movement she brings a sense of discipline to students, expanding their confidence and ability to present themselves to others. Heather earned her degree in Elementary Education, with a concentration in Dance, from State University of New York at Geneseo and studied Humanities at Oxford University New College, with a sidetrip to Ireland. Since 2003, she has taught grades K through 4th in Lahaina, developing a positive behavior support program and overseeing communications among teachers, school, and state offices. With government grants, Heather also developed a highly successful after-school dance program for Theater Theater Maui. For relaxation, Heather enjoys yoga, snorkeling and the company of her canine friend, Bruno.