Summer Reading & Supply Lists

The purpose of Maui Prep’s summer reading is to continue to foster a love of learning beyond the school year.  Below is a list of the summer reading books and assignments for Summer 2013.  Please refer to this list for your child’s 2013-2014 grade.

Preschool Summer Reading 2013
Kindergarten Summer Reading 2013
1st Grade Summer Reading 2013
2nd Grade Summer Reading 2013
3rd Grade Summer Reading 2013
4th Grade Summer Reading 2013
5th Grade Summer Reading 2013
Middle and Upper School Summer Reading Book List 2013

Each teacher in the Preschool and Lower School provides a supply list so that parents can purchase the items listed in preparation for their child’s first day of school.  For students in the Middle and Upper School, teachers will discuss necessary supplies in their individual classes on the first day of school.

Preschool Supply List 2013-14 / Kindergarten – 3rd Grade Supply List 2013-14 / 4th Grade Supply List 2013-14 / 5th Grade Supply List 2013-14

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