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Sarah Wilhelm, Griffin Sagar, Chloe Chin, Jonah Bluh, Jerone Samari & Aislyn

Sarah Wilhelm, Griffin Sagar, Chloe Chin, Jonah Bluh, Jerone Samari & Aislyn Jewett

On February 25, six Maui Prep kids participated in the annual Japan Wizards Competition on Oahu. This statewide competition is sponsored by JASH (the Japan America Society of Hawaii) and features high schoolers from all over the state coming together to answer questions about Japanese language, culture, history, and much more. Around 45 teams from the best Japanese programs in the state compete. It is an intense competition in which all participants put in many, many hours of hard work. This year marks the 7th year that Maui Prep has participated, and we have become one of the elite schools in the state in this contest.

This year, Maui Prep took two teams to compete. The Level A team is for students in their first and second year of Japanese. The participants were Freshmen Aislyn Jewett (Captain), Jerone Samari and Chloe Chin. This was a team of all rookies and they made a tremendous showing, scoring 130 points which is an incredible score for a team of students with no contest experience and only one year of Japanese under their belts. This team will build on this solid result for upcoming years.

The level B team, for students in their third of fourth years of Japanese, was made up of Senior Sarah Wilhelm (Captain), Senior Jonah Bluh and Junior Griffin Sagar. This is a group of veterans to the contest who worked hard and were the best-prepared team from Maui Prep ever to go to the competition. This team rocked the competition and finished SECOND among all private schools and THIRD among all schools in the state! This was a tremendous achievement and is the second time in three years that Maui Prep has placed in the top three.

Due to the hard work of our kids, Maui Prep has become one of the favorites to do well in the Japan Wizards Competition. Every year, we are grouped with Punahou, Iolani and the other major Japanese programs as the elite schools in the contest.  The kids who participate in the competition represent our school with pride and are doing a great job of earning us a great reputation in the state!