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Peter Liu, Tommy Russo, Katie McMillan and Sarah Burns discuss the role of Social Media in students' futures.

Peter Liu, Tommy Russo, Katie McMillan and Sarah Burns discuss the role of Social Media in students' futures.

As part of Maui Prep’s “Schools of the Future” initiative we host speaker forums to discuss the changing political, economic and cultural dynamics of the 21st century that can help us answer the question of  “What skills will best prepare today’s students to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s world?”

In working to advance that progressive discussion, our fifth speaker forum addressed the growing field of Social Media. On April 18th, Maui Prep hosted four distinguished experts in the social media field:

Having such forward thinking professionals bring their stories to our campus helps students and staff to imagine the world our children will inherit. These generous guests volunteered their insight by addressing topics including:

  • developing an appreciation of the beauty and complexity of Social Media as a vocational field of interest;
  • making predictions about changes, challenges and opportunities our students will face over the next 2 decades in using social media, both personally and professionally;
  • discussing the passion, drive, skills and ongoing education it takes to navigate a complex career path and participate in such a dynamic field;
  • envisioning activities our students can engage in now to ready themselves and begin participating in the field;
  • contributing to a culture of innovative educational thinking that keeps pace with a changing world.

Our dynamic guest speakers approached this as an opportunity to light a fire of interest in the students, paint some broad outlines of what participation in the field means, and show the students the thought processes of an innovative mind reflecting on their field and winding career pathways. Students came out of the event with a much better developed sense of the role social media may play in their future and the possibilities for a range of career specializations that involve social media.

A wonderful offshoot of this event was a discussion between Mr. Russo and MS/US  Principal Dr. Manafo on a joint project to partner the Social Media Users Group of Maui with Maui Prep HAM Radio Club in developing emergency communications networks.

Maui Prep offers warm aloha to all who help our students imagine their roles in leading a dynamic future.

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