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Maui Preparatory Academy is an independent college preparatory school for children in Preschool through 12th Grade.  One of the hallmarks of an independent school is the close partnership formed between parents and the school in order to serve the best interests of the students.  Being a Maui Prep parent means getting involved in a variety of ways that will enhance and enrich your child’s experience at the school:

Active Participation
During the course of the school year, parents have many opportunities to participate in activities at the school.  As a Maui Prep parent, we expect and encourage your attendance at events like Back-to-School-Night, Arts Nights, May Day, Parent-Teacher Conferences and more.  Each of these events is designed to enhance your understanding of your child’s educational experience and strengthen your bond with the teachers, staff and administrators who interact with, nurture, love and educate your child every day.  We expect you to actively participate in your child’s education by reading school communications (weekly email updates, monthly newsletters, letters from teachers and administrators, etc.).  We pledge to communicate regularly with you, and, in turn, ask you to share your questions, comments and concerns with your child’s teacher, advisor, principal or Head of School.

Volunteer Support
Volunteers at Maui Prep play an important role in the life of the school, and Maui Prep provides a broad variety of opportunities for parents to get involved.  Through your volunteer activities, you will make new friends, learn more about your child’s school, fulfill an important function for the school and role-model for your child the importance of making service to community a life-long commitment.  Each family is asked to fill out a volunteer form online at the start of the year indicating ways that you can participate.  In addition to the activities listed on the form, there will also be opportunities to go on field trips, get involved in the classroom, join the Parent Teacher Student Ohana (PTSO), participate in International Day and much, much more.  So, plan to get involved – it will enhance your child’s education, enrich your life and provide an important service to the school.

Philanthropic Support
Maui Prep is a non-profit 501 C (3) organization which relies on tuition and generous tax-deductible contributions in order to operate.  Maui Prep does not receive county, state or federal funding.  At independent schools like Maui Prep, tuition paid by parents typically covers no more than 85% of the operating budget. The remainder is funded primarily through gifts.

Maui Prep has three major annual fundraising events – the Maui Prep Annual Fund, The Tom Rosenquist Legacy Golf Tournament (“The Tom”) and the Maui Prep Gala.   All parents are expected to make a tax-deductible gift to the Maui Prep Annual Fund.  The Annual Fund gifts help the school in two ways.  First and foremost they ensure the continued delivery of a quality educational program by a quality faculty by bridging the gap between tuition revenue and the cost of operating the school.  Second, outside funders, such as foundations, always want to know what percentage of Maui Prep families support the school by making gifts to the Annual Fund.  A high percentage of parent participation makes a powerful statement and helps build the case for support by those funders.  One of our Maui Prep Annual Fund goals is 100% parent participation, and we gratefully accept your gift of any size.

Mahalo for Supporting Your Child’s Education.