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Maui Prep Parent Organization

PTSO Directors and Officers, Left to Right, Stephanie Kirkham, Amy Wistoff-Martin, Kari Adams, Lynne Twigg, MaryBeth Chin and Gail Bergson

Please join us for PTSO meetings on the first Wednesday of every month!

One of the hallmarks of an independent school is the close partnership formed between parents and the school in order to serve the best interests of the students. Being a Maui Prep parent means getting involved in a variety of ways that will enhance and enrich your child’s experience at the school. One of the key ways to get involved is through the Parent Teacher Student Ohana (Family) – PTSO. The purpose of the PTSO is to enrich the lives and education of the children of Maui Preparatory Academy and to serve the school by supporting its mission, programs and activities. All Maui Prep parents and teachers are members of the PTSO. The objectives of the PTSO are:

  1. To encourage parent involvement
  2. To build positive school spirit
  3. To help with special classroom and administrative needs on a volunteer basis
  4. To raise funds in conjunction with school-wide development policies and programs
  5. To promote effective parenting

The PTSO organizes all-school potluck gatherings, provides hospitality for three Arts Nights per year, assists with admissions activities, fundraises to support school projects, volunteers at International Day and sponsors Teacher Appreciation Week. The PTSO was thrilled to award a granduating Senior, Samantha Castillo, the first ever PTSO scholarship for $1000. This scholarship was based on need and dedication to Maui Prep’s Core Values. Every year, before the beginning of school, a Volunteer Form is sent home to parents giving them the opportunity to sign up to help with a variety of activities and projects during the year. An 8-member board of directors oversees the activities of the PTSO. PTSO directors and officers are elected at the September annual meeting. Directors and officers are elected to serve for a 2-year term. The PTSO usually meets on the first Wednesday of every month when school is in session. These meetings are open to all parents and teachers, and everyone is encouraged to attend. Maui Prep’s Head of School as well as other school administrators are usually in attendance as well. PTSO Officers 2016-2017 School Year-Amy Wisthoff-Martin/President, Stephanie Kirkham/Vice-President,  Lynne Twigg/ Treasurer,  Kari Adams/Secretary. PTSO Directors-Gail Bergson, Corie Bluh, Povi Larsen and MaryBeth Chin.