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Junior Class - winners of the 2015 Pueo Challenge

Junior Class – winners of the 2015 Pueo Challenge

Students at Maui Prep know how to have fun; things can get pretty crazy. Most of the fun events comes from the ideas of our student government. Both Middle and Upper Schools have student governing bodies which enable students to gain valuable leadership experience.

There’s nothing like wearing your PJs to class.

The Student Council is comprised of Middle School students who are elected by their peers, and the Student Senate is comprised of the elected class presidents of each of the Upper School classes.

Both governing bodies plan and coordinate exciting and fun-filled events that enhance student life at Maui Prep. Whether it is one of the many dances, the crazy activities of a monthly “free dress day,” or a class event to celebrate the conclusion of a successful school year, the student governing bodies likely have led the charge.

These student leaders also organize school-wide events that enable Maui Prep students to give back to the community including monthly canned good drives for the Maui Food Bank (resulting in several tons of donated food every year) or holiday gift and grocery collections for underprivileged families in West Maui.

“Dude Looks Like A Lady” from the Annual Upper School Lip Sync Contest