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What is the Maui Prep Fund?
The Maui Prep Fund is a yearly fundraising event which occurs in virtually every private and independent school nationwide, including all the most successful schools in Hawaii.

Its purpose is to raise funds to help Bridge the Gap between tuition revenue and the real cost of educating each student at Maui Prep.

Why is there a gap?
There is a gap because charging the real cost of a Maui Prep education would make the school inaccessible for many families.

What is the gap?
The gap between tuition and the actual cost of a Maui Prep education is over $5,000 per student.

Why give?

  • The Maui Prep Fund gifts support all areas of the school including a vibrant fine and performing arts program, technology instruction and engagement beginning in preschool, an outstanding faculty, and a financial aid program that allows us to recruit a qualified and diverse student body.
  • Since tuition does not cover all of the actual costs of a student’s education, every student at Maui Prep is the beneficiary of a yearly tuition subsidy.  The Maui Prep Fund gifts benefit every single child at Maui Prep.

Text Box: HONORING OUR DONORS  Maui Prep is pleased to recognize all our generous donors through annual   Giving Clubs published each year   in the ‘Ohana Giving Report.    o	Bridge Builder ($20,000 & more)  o	Bridge Plus ($10,000-$19,999)  o	Pueo Bridge ($5,000 - $9,999)  o	The 2005 Society ($2,005 - $4,999)  In honor of the founding of the school  o	Headmaster’s Council ($1,000 - $2,004)  o	Benefactors ($500-$999)  o	Contributors ($200-$499)  o	Donors (up to $199)

  • Every gift counts!  Foundations and corporations often look at the number of donors when choosing the level at which they will support Maui Prep.
  • A gift to the Maui Prep Fund is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution …… tuition payments are not.

How Do I Make A Gift?
For information about how to make your gift to Maui Prep or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Director of Development Cathi Minami at (808) 665-9966 or cminami@mauiprep.org.

Mahalo for your support!