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Just like all of our students, Maui Prep faculty immerse themselves in some engaging summer reading. Previous years’ books have included “The World Is Flat” by Thomas Friedman, “The Global Achievement Gap” by Tony Wagner, and Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind”.

This summer, Maui Prep faculty read “Creating Innovators” by Tony Wagner. In his book, Wagner advocates that today’s schools, through a 21st-century model of education, need to raise up a new generation of innovators.  Wagner cites five differences between classrooms that foster innovation and traditional classrooms.  Classrooms that create an innovative culture focus on:

  1. collaboration over individual achievement
  2. multidisciplinary learning instead of specialization in a subject
  3. creating an atmosphere that encourages risks rather than a fear of failure
  4. creating content rather than consuming it
  5. motivating through intrinsic means (discovery-based learning leads young people to find and pursue a passion, which eventually evolves into a deeper sense of purpose) rather that the extrinsic (prizes and rewards for accomplishing tasks)

I encourage you to join our conversation as we begin the school year.  Take 15 minutes and watch Tony Wagner elaborate further on how we can encourage our students to become innovative thinkers and doers.  We welcome your comments and thoughts.

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