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Maui Preparatory Academy has been making great showings in many different arenas this year. From a MIL swimming champion, and a young iPueo Robotics team that only promises great things, to foreign language students and humanities students taking top scores in statewide contests, the students at Maui Prep are excelling in most everything they try.

Maui Prep had a great turn-out for Hawaii History Day this year. Nineteen students competed with projects ranging in various topics such as Gandhi’s Salt March, Ruby Bridges, and U.S. National Parks. Students created websites, made exhibits, performed plays, and wrote essays. Although hundreds of students from around Maui competed at our regional event, five Maui Prep students are going to the state History Day competition in April. Congratulations to Chloe Chin, Eva Karaneva-Simpson, Kassidy Howeth, Vittoria Barrone, and Christina Guerrini for making it to States!

The GIN group.

The GIN group.

Seven Maui Prep student activists traveled to Oahu a few weeks ago to participate in Hawaii’s first annual GIN Conference. GIN stands for Global Issues Network, and this club has been a fabulous addition to HAIS schools all over the state. While at the conference, students attended several different “break-out” sessions to learn about local and global issues such as food waste, mental health awareness, plastics use, and emergency preparedness. Now Maui Prep students are excited to research global issues and try to make an impact at a local level. Already out students are digging up information to try to reduce waste at our own school and around the island. Others are working on an idea for an Upper School garden. We are looking forward to seeing where these programs will go.

Stay tuned, these students are going places!