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Nathaniel displays his new license

Nathaniel Muto (age 11) may well be! This past Saturday, April 7, Nathaniel, Griffin Sager, and our own Mr. Cowan sat for the FCC Technician class exam at Civil Defense headquarters in Wailuku – and all three passed with flying colors! Our three test-takers have now earned their amateur (ham) radio licenses and beginning this week, will be contacting hams from around the world from the Maui Prep Amateur Radio Club station, located in the G Building. Through the benevolence of hams on Oahu and Maui, along with the Schools of the Future grant, we now have a fine station capable of broadcasting on 11 different amateur frequency bands and able to reach stations throughout the world. To date, KH6MX (our club callsign) has contacted 146 stations in 17 different countries. The Maui Prep ARC grew from an Interim activity to a full-fledged club that now meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 4:00 PM. New members are welcome to join at no cost and work toward earning their radio license. On Monday, April 9, our big high frequency antenna will be installed behind the G Building and our broadcast range (DX or distance) will increase even more. Griffin, Nathaniel and Mr. C. studied each day for one full month to learn the radio theory, circuitry, and FCC regulations in order to pass the Technician exam. Because exams are only administered three times a year on Maui, our students were determined to take their exams in April rather than waiting until August of this year. And they did it! Of the 15 test-takers (13 adults and 2 kids) the Maui Prep crew had among the highest scores with the ever-amazing Griffin notching a 98% on the exam! Ham Radio is alive and well at Maui Prep!

Three new Maui Prep Hams

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  • by Tracy Posted April 11, 2012 8:15 am

    Wow well done to all who have passed.

    My daughter is 5 and passed the same day here in the UK, making her possibly the youngest here. Maybe they’ll “meet” on the air some day.

    It’s lovely to see more children getting involved.

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