Performing arts 


Performing Arts Curriculum

  • Maui Prep's Lower School (K-5) curriculum includes year-long Performing Arts (Music, Drama, and Dance) classes.
  • In Middle school (grades 6-8), students may choose a quarterly Performing Arts elective.
  • Upper School students may choose a semester-long Performing Arts elective to satisfy the 1.0 credit Visual/Performing Arts requirement for graduation
  • For Upper School students with a passion for performing, 7AM Band is Maui Prep's Pop/Rock Band. Its name is taken from its rehearsal time, 7:00 am sharp, and is open to Upper School students by Instructor permission.

Theatrical Productions

Each year, the Maui Prep Arts Department presents two musical theater productions: a Lower School production in the fall and Middle and Upper in the spring. The productions run for several nights at the Graham Theater in the Bozich Center for Athletics and Performing Arts.

Rehearsals take place after school and occasionally on weekends. Support for the productions comes from parents, local businesses, and other theater groups on Maui.

Performing Arts Opportunities


May Day

May Day offers a unique opportunity for Maui Prep students to explore hula (tradition Hawaiian dance), oli (Hawaiian chants), and mele (Hawaiian songs), which were the chief forms of expressing history, honoring the past and expressing gratitude.  

In typical May Day fashion, a king and queen are selected, with a court made up of a boy and girl who represent each of Hawaii’s eight principal islands.  The official flower and color of each island are represented in the dress of the court and the hula performed by a class of students.

Maui Prep Lower and Middle Schools celebrate May Day during the first week of May each year. 

A/V Tech Club

The Audio/Visual Tech Club teaches members how to set up, operate/design, care for, and break down sound and lighting equipment. Students accumulate community service opportunities as well as technical knowledge and emerge the unsung heroes of performances, sporting events, and assemblies.  .

Arts Night

Arts Night is the annual showcase of the Maui Prep Department of Arts. The dining hall is transformed into a gallery filled with original pieces by kindergarten through twelfth grade students. Live musical performances by the music classes and 7 AM Band, in addition to musical theatre, dance and dramatic numbers are ongoing throughout the evening.


Pueopalooza features the student body showcasing their wide range of talents. Vocal performances, instrument solos, dramatic monologues are put on display in a charming evening in the Bozich Center.