This space is dedicated to content creation, study sessions, outdoor classroom sessions, and an area dedicated to unwind and prepare for classes or projects. The outdoor deck lends itself to hold study sessions and presentations with outdoor display equipment such as a swing television for mirroring presentations with beautiful deck-covered umbrellas and collaborative deck furniture that is graced with sweeping ocean views of the islands of Lana’i and Moloka’i.


To reserve time on the outdoor learning commons, please email reception@mauiprep.org

Teachers, seniors and Juniors can reserve the Deck. All others must be present with a teacher or staff member.

Deck Space Rules (subject to change):

  • Teachers, Juniors and Seniors can reserve this space for learning in advance by contacting reception@mauiprep.org. Keep in mind that due to weather conditions, the deck space may be closed which will be determined by our Facilities Manager. Furniture may need to be covered etc.


    • Only teachers can move furniture to accommodate the learning environment (don’t move the table)

    • Push in chairs, tidy up the pillows and clean up after yourselves

    • This is not a snoozing area, no laying out and sleeping, feet off the furniture

  • As much as possible, keep this area quiet...it is a learning space.

  • The TV is only meant for use by teachers, juniors and seniors, it has to be utilized for educational purposes, please contact the front desk receptionist for more information.

  • Lower School and 6th-10th grade students are not allowed to be left alone on the deck area 

  • Juniors and Seniors can use the learning commons during an off period if no other teacher has scheduled it for a class

  • If the chain is placed across the entrance of the deck area, please don’t enter. Faculty and Staff may enter at any time, to enjoy the outdoors and have lunch. Please keep it clean.

  • Students may not eat on the deck space, only for special occasions approved by the Administration.