The Maui Preparatory Academy program serves the needs, interests, and abilities
of children in grades Preschool–12 whose educational goals include college-level academic work.  The program is designed for students who seek a challenging
learning environment with behavioral expectations at the same challenging level. 
The school provides a structured transition through the period of physical,
emotional, and intellectual development between childhood and adolescence.
Maui Prep’s program serves the dual role of preparation for the immediate and
well-defined future of the next grade and the largely unknown years to come.  We
attempt to include in our offerings experiences that help individuals accept
changes in themselves and others.  As a result, academic development and
personal development go hand-in-hand as equal partners.

Careers at Maui Prep


We are always excited to hear from individuals interested in seeking employment at Maui Prep. Our posting and hiring process begins in the spring of each year. In the meantime, we are always happy to keep an application on file for any individual who might be interested in working at Maui Prep should the appropriate position become available in the future. Please feel free to send a cover letter and resume to