Annelisa Figueroa, MS, ATC, LAT

Athletic Trainer
MS, Sport Pedagogy
Baylor University
BS, Athletic Training
Whitworth University

Athletic Training

The Athletic Training Room is located in the Bozich Center for Athletics and Performing Arts under the helm of Annalisa Figueroa, MS, ATC, LAT. Athletic Training services include prevention, evaluation, treatment & rehabilitation of injuries and illness that range from acute to chronic to emergent.

Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals who work collaboratively with physicians and other members of the sport medicine to provide services and treatments. Ms. Figueroa is certified through the Board of Certification (BOC) as well as licensed in the State of Hawaii as an Athletic Trainer. 

Training Room Hours

Weekdays, 2:45 - 6:30pm (or conclusion of practice). 

Hours are subject to change depending on the sports season or practice venue.

Maui Prep Athletics Documents

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First page of the PDF file: HawaiiStateAthleticPhysicalForm

Hawaii State Athletic Physical Form

First page of the PDF file: MauiPrepMedicalInfoReleaseFormReturntoSportDoctorsNotes

Medical Information Release and Return to Sport Doctor's Note

First page of the PDF file: MauiPrepAthleticTrainingConsentForms

Athletic Training Consent Form

First page of the PDF file: MauiPrepMedicalInfoReleaseFormConcussionRTPDoctorsNotes1

Medical Information Release and Concussion Return to Sports Doctor's Note

First page of the PDF file: MauiPrepCMPRTPForm

Concussion Management: Return to Play form

First page of the PDF file: MauiPrepConcussionManagementPlan

Concussions Management Plan

First page of the PDF file: MauiPrepConcussionAtHomeCare

Concussion: At Home Care Instructions