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What is the PTSO?

The PTSO is a parent-led organization that supports Maui Prep's teachers, students and 'ohanas by enriching the lives and education of the children of Maui Preparatory Academy and serves the school by supporting its mission, programs and activities. 


What does the PTSO do?

The Objectives of the PTSO are:

  1. To encourage parent involvement
  2. To build positive school spirit
  3. To help with special classroom and administrative needs on a volunteer basis
  4. To raise funds in conjunction with school-wide development policies and programs


Who is a member of the PTSO?

All parents and legal guardians of children attending Maui Preparatory Academy are members of the PTSO in addition to all faculty and staff of Maui Prep.

Ways to pitch in!

  • Attend monthly PTSO meetings to learn about school events, upcoming volunteer opportunities, hear from administration and other departments, and connect with Maui Prep parents.
  • Volunteer at PTSO events such as Lower School Dances, Reading Nights, Decorating the school for different occasions and Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Support the PTSO by advertising in our annual school directory, donating gently used uniforms, wishing your child a Happy Birthday on the marquee, and taking part in our Keep The Change fundraiser. 

Ways the PTSO gives back!

The PTSO gives monetarily to the teachers and faculty in the form of grants each year as well as an annual senior scholarship. The PTSO coordinates events for students throughout the year and a week-long celebration for our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.


PTSO Leadership

Jennifer Kasper, President

Janelle Reed, Vice President

Hallie Sykes, Treasurer

Ali Alireza, Secretary

Mariah Rozell, Officer

Melissa Dyckman, Officer